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Garden design process ...


Having a fully designed garden complete with planting recommendations and features can allow you to have your garden transformed completely within the space of just a few months; and this is often the best way to achieve your dream garden, in this instance, a comprehensive design package is required.


However, this is not always wanted or needed, and in some instances such as if someone would like to have a more functional space, maybe for growing their own produce (fruit, vegetables, and salads) whilst still having a great looking garden, a simplified basic layout design may be sufficient.

Hence, in the first instance we can agree a date for me to visit, and it will give us the chance to chat about what you would like to achieve in your outdoor space, and any ideas that you already have, this is an essential step for me to get to know you and learn more about your lifestyle and style preferences. I will also ask some specific questions to determine certain aspects of your requirements and expectations, I consider that listening is the most important part of the first consultation as this will lead to a successful design that meets your individual requirements. 


At this stage, depending on the size of your garden, and with your permission, I sometimes like to take photographs and do a brief survey including measurements, soil analysis, plants and aspect. When I have this necessary information I will return home and then contact you to provide a non-obligatory quote for drawing a design. All of my garden designs are carefully thought through, ensuring they meet your requirements, from the simplicity of a functional space for growing your own produce whilst still looking great, to a more complex beautifully decorative garden to spend time in relaxing or entertaining.

Creating drawings ...

This is the exciting part … from our first meeting I will have gained the information that I need and now I use my creativity and expertise to produce a ‘Draft Concept Plan' for you. All of my plans are hand drawn to scale and I take great pleasure in discussing them with you in person, explaining the design step by step and my reasoning for including (or not including) certain elements. Very often this stage includes a couple of different options that I have considered, which then means that you can decide which we should go with for the final design.  

Completing your design ...


I take my time and a great deal of care to draw your individual design, and as a minimum this will include a 'Concept Plan' in full colour together with a 'Working Plan' including full landscaping measurements and material details; if you are having a more detailed and comprehensive design package I will also complete a recommended ‘Planting scheme’ with plants available from reputable growers - this is supported with a 'Plant Guidance' document for keeping your plants looking their best; a full colour ‘Moodboard,’ and a bespoke hand-drawn 'Artists Illustration' helping you to visualise the components and layout of the design.


Your individual design is carefully tailored to what you want and need, and then I will personally present it to you in a portfolio folder to keep it clean and safe.

Creative construction ...


With your plans you can confidently begin work on your project to transform your outdoor space into your dream garden, or, instruct landscaping contractors. At this stage I may also be able to provide a quote to complete the landscaping work together with my family team ... the passion I use to create your designs is extended to ensure that we creatively construct your garden and the finish will be superb, and furthermore, I source all of your plants personally, caring for them until we plant them in their 'forever home'.

Alternatively, I can recommend local contractors for you to contact, and I am available for them to contact if anything on the plans needs clarification. If required I can still source all of your plants and come back to plant them - it's always such a wonderful time, seeing the foliage transform your outdoor space into a living garden!

Pencil crayon colouring in a garden design drawing
Hand holding a pen adding a signature to a hand drawn illustration
A coloured photograph of garden designer Deb working at her drawing board
Collage of coloured hand drawn garden designs
A coloured photograph of garden designer Deb with a selection of green plants in the background
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