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Planting ...

One of the most important parts of most gardens is the planting and I think that adding plants is like switching a light on! If you are not sure what plants will grow in your outdoor space to give you colour and interest throughout the year or indeed where to position them, I can help … after years of experience I can advise and create planting schemes that ensure your outdoor space is at its best through every season and from every viewpoint.


In some spaces planters and pots can add the impact that you are hoping for and I can provide a style to suit your garden along with the appropriate plants to complement them giving them the maximum impact. Furthermore planters can be kept up to date with seasonal changes, from Winter to Spring and then Summer through to Autumntime.


My planting schemes only include healthy plants available from reputable growers (locally where possible).


Looking at your space ...

We start by agreeing on a time and day for me to visit to look at your outdoor space and discuss what you are hoping to achieve. I'll be asking you certain questions about preferences such as colour, scent and size whilst also learning more about your lifestyle to ascertain the suitability of certain plants.

At this stage, depending on the size of your garden, and with your permission, I like to take photographs and do a survey including measurements, soil analysis, plants and aspect. When I have this necessary information I will return home and then contact you to provide a non-obligatory quote for drawing up a planting scheme.

Your planting scheme ...

I put my horticultural knowledge to the test deciding on which plants will work best in your garden, whilst always bearing in mind if you have children and/or pets and any allergies and plant/foliage/colour preferences. The recommendations must also, where possible, include plants that can be sourced locally to ensure that they are suitable for the climate in your area.


When completed I will arrange to visit you again to present your planting scheme which will include recommended plants, a detailed layout for where the plants should be planted, full colour images along with the names of the plants; further details will also include sizes and care information relating to each plant. I also like to include hand-drawn artists illustrations showing how the plants look when planted in the scheme layout.

If you require help sourcing and planting the plants together with ongoing plant-care I am pleased to be able to offer this service too.

A coloured photograph of trays of mixed foliage plants
A coloured photograph of a white cosmos flower with a dark green background
A coloured photograph of a dark pink English rose with open flowers and closed buds
A coloured photograph of different coloured outdoor plantpots containing various plants
A coloured photograph of wispy pale coloured tall grasses with purple lavender in front and cobble stones around the base
A coloured photograph of trays filled with a selection of various green and red coloured foliage plants
A coloured photograph of a bright green fern surrounded by cobblestones
A coloured photograph of various foliage plants
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